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Take part in a personal online coaching session where we will find the right answer to all your individual negotiation questions together.

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What we do

How the online coaching sessions work

Individual needs

In each online coaching session, we will assess which areas you really need to improve.

We will then work with you to define your development goals and draw up a tailor-made training programme.

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Specific questions

During the coaching sessions, we will look at any specific negotiation issues you are facing and find solutions together.

Whether it's a negotiation situation at work or in your personal life, we'll look at how it can be resolved.

Taking Notes

Personal development

Online coaching is always at your individual pace.

You may prefer to learn faster, you may prefer to learn more slowly, but the important thing is that you make the right individual progress.

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Steps of the assessment

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Defining goals

The first step in online coaching is to define what you want to achieve for yourself and your team through the program.

Personal needs assessment

We assess each participant's individual needs in order to design a training programme that best suits them.

Designing a personalized training program

Based on the surveys, we design a training program that matches the skills and needs of each participant.

Group coaching

Group coaching sessions are carried out on the basis of a personalized training program.

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Connect with us

Give your contact details and we'll soon reach out to you and discuss the details of the coaching.

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