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Learn the basics of negotiation techniques in our free online training courses.

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Free online courses

In our free online courses, you can learn the basics of negotiation you can use immediately in your life. 

The courses will give you the basic skills to help you deal successfully with everyday situations. 

By completing the course, you will acquire the basic negotiation skills that can be converted into results on their own, or provide an excellent basis for further learning. 

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Features of the course

What to expect from the free online courses

Free online courses: Features

Practical knowledge

The knowledge acquired in the training can be put into practice immediately. Here you will learn the essential skills that can make a real contribution to the success of your negotiations.

Immediate results

What you learn in the course can be easily and quickly adapted to everyday negotiating situations. As a result, the knowledge acquired guarantees almost immediate, quantifiable results.

Basis for further progress

In free online courses, you can learn the basic knowledge of negotiation techniques that will give you the opportunity to further develop your skills and become a true professional.

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